The base of our company started with HIC testing and this is still one of our most requested techniques. Working in over 40 refineries, we are monitoring about 5000 objects for the presence of HIC, and for the growth of the HIC-damage. HIC can arise in drums, towers, heat exchangers en airfin coolers where H2S is present at temperatures not higher then 120 degrees celsius/ 250 degrees fahrenheit.

This picture shows a part of a drum with locally heavy HIC-damage. In this case the damage is concentrated only at one side, in the gasphase.

The follwing pictures show some cracks inside the material. These cracks lie parallel to the surface and are not visible from the in- or outside. Only ultrasonic testing can reveal these cracks. On the second picture there are blisters visible. Blisters can be found by visual inspection, but ultrasonic testing is needed to determine if stepwise cracking is present.